The Institute of Applied Mycology and Biotechnology (SLOVENIA)

Contact : Janez Gorenšek |

The Institute of Applied Mycology and Biotechnology was founded in 2016 with the aim to protect fungal biodiversity and spread the knowledge about the use of fungi in biotechnology and applied mycology. The Institute’s main activities are research, mycelium production, education and project work

We are intensively involved in identifying, isolating and maintaining a bank of cultures of economically, and ecologically important higher fungi and development of isolation techniques of bioactive fungal molecules and thus helping with biodiversity conservation
We produce a wide range of different types of mushroom mycelium and substrates and derive bioactive substances from medicinal mushrooms for further use in mushroom extracts. We cooperate with other companies and universities in research and development of new, environmentally friendly processes that use fungi for food, functional foods, mycofiltration, mycoremidiation and new biomaterials.

The IAMB Institute is actively involved in educating of professional and general public about home and professional mushroom cultivation and benefits of the mushrooms as functional foods and medicinals of natural origins. Our project activities focus on projects that strive to be innovative, encourage ecological transition and tend to support rural development by using interdisciplinary approaches in the circular economy.