Association TaphTaph (SPAIN)

Contact : Arturo Jiménez Viera |

The “Asociación Taph Taph Bioconstrucción, Arquitectura y Paisaje Holístico” is a NGO, which aims are to promote habitat and shelter construction through horizontal, participative and healthy methodologies. We promote assembly culture, gender equality, consensus decision and open pedagogy. A holistic approach to improve our societies. Our organization was created in 2016, in the city of Seville, Spain. At present, more than 50 activities and projects has been done and two Erasmus Plus Projects.

Our entity is focused on some fields of work: 

  • Research : Taph Taph research and scientist studies are mainly about architecture, construction and landscape. We are linked to university bodies in order to share knowledge in a local, regional and international context. 
  • Divulgation : Dissemination of bio-construction and holistic landscape are in the center of our foundations. We organize dissemination activities for professionals, amateurs, students, universities and social and environmental entities. 
  • Consulting : We provide social facilitation, architecture and sustainable communities design, building site organization, technology, natural and local material consultancy and heritage studies. 
  • Training : Focused on professional and amateurs training, we use an open theoretical and hands-on methodology, encouraging participants to get involved.
  • Self-Construction : Rehabilitation and new construction projects for people wishing to do by themselves or collaborating with other people and professionals. their own house or work site. Advice on administrative, technical, financial, safety and security procedures in order to facilitate a nice “do it yourself” pathway.
  • Volunteering and Collaborative Eco-building sites: Building site volunteering and planning professional management for a social support for people in need and volunteers wanting to help and learn. Volunteering provides the opportunity to know about local natural construction materials and techniques together with a healthy and relaxing atmosphere.