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Arban is a cooperative society of collective interest that works in different fields : local development, participatory urban planning and eco-renovation. L’arban is a cooperative that defines itself as a tool for local development in the Limousin mountains (rural mid-mountain area). Through its action around housing, L’Arban carries out real estate operations in eco-renovation of the old building and accompanies individuals wishing to carry out sites in Accompanied Self-Rehabilitation. Through its action in urban planning, L’Arban supports local authorities in their development and revitalization projects for town centers, integrating ecological issues and the participation of residents.  

The cooperative was created in 2010 by a citizen’s initiative to respond to the problems of access to housing in rural areas. The cooperative counts with more than 170 members organized under a model of private-public-civic partnership, including residents, local authorities, professionals and citizen investors …) under a horizontal, integrated and participatory mode of governance.